Playground Turf Systems


Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

AmeriTurf’s safety surfaces for playgrounds meet & exceed the stringent standards set forth by the NPSI, & ADA.

Today, playgrounds are designed with safety as priority No. 1, yet playgrounds have excluded the natural looking elements that synthetic turf could provide. Unlike the products of the ’70s, today’s artificial turf products are strikingly real, durable & revolutionizing the safety surface industry. Putting the look of nature back in your playground safety surface with AmeriTurf is a great advantage, while retaining all necessary safety features. AmeriTurf’s synthetic playground grass is softer, cleaner, and most importantly, safe.

Undoubtedly, a tot lot or playground safety surface receives more foot traffic and redundant wear patterns than, say, a sports field. This constant wear and traffic takes its toll on most conventional safety surfaces such as poured rubber, wood chips and sand. The AmeriTurf green-play safety surface is taken from years of sports surface industry know-how & technology, elevating performance and wear-ability.

Cost is one of the most-asked questions regarding any safety surface product, and AmeriTurf prides itself on being cost-conscious, knowing that a safety surface can make or break a playground project. Also, our knowledge of open market cost-factors for most safety surfacing helps us engineer and drive our installed pricing below most synthetic safety surface products, saving you money while preserving performance and visual appeal.

Why an Ameriturf playground turf for your next playground safety surface?

The answer is simple… most surfaces just don’t give you a clean, soft and long-lasting system. Playground tiles can be hard and abrasive. Poured rubber just doesn’t last like it’s supposed to. Wood chips and rubber mulch products get displaced easily and really don’t meet ADA requirements. AmeriTurf Systems’ Playgreen Grass is far and away the most durable synthetic grass on the market and tested to withstand minimally 12 years of wear. We are constantly utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology and advancing our products.


Playground grass is somewhat new to the playground safety surface market, but has been in use on sports fields for over 30 years. In recent years, slit film fiber fields are failing due to UV breakdown and wear. Synthetic fields that were supposed to last for 8 years are wearing out in 5 to 6 years, and most of these worn fields are using “slit-film” fibers. Quite simply, newer technology fibers, like AmeriTurf’s exclusive fiber system, must be used in high-traffic areas such as a playground.

Truth in Testing

Some playground grass companies are using FIFA or Lissport stud roller to gauge the effectiveness & longevity of grass fibers. The AmeriTurf Systems fiber can handle 25,500 FIFA, Lisson stud-roller cycles, which equates to 12.5 years of wear without degradation of fiber. Other companies are offering fibrillated or “slit-film” fiber that can withstand, at best, 15,000 cycles of FIFA testing with minimal show of wear. That equates to 8 years of wear compared to AmeriTurf’s 12.5 years.

Understanding the playground industry and the amount of traffic a playground grass will receive has led AmeriTurf Systems to provide the highest-quality materials available on the open market.

The AmeriTurf fiber is over 35% stronger, yet soft and more durable than any fiber/grass-blade on the market.

Research: Most artificial grass products available as a safety surface are using “old” slit film turf technologies that really don’t stand up to heavy traffic or UV degradation. AmeriTurf has relied on true and tried laboratory testing and the latest monofilament fibers that can withstand 12 years of abuse, while retaining look and performance.


Modern Synthetic Grass Fibers

  • Because AmeriTurf uses the latest fiber technology that is laboratory tested to withstand, minimally, 12 years of constant foot-traffic, UV degradation, and wear abrasion, your playground will have one of the most proven synthetic grass safety surfaces on the market.
  • With our advanced impact and rebound system installed under the synthetic grass, no black rubber needs to be used between the grass fibers.
  • Our products feature a non-bacterial-promoting safety surface system, including polyethylene fibers that are infilled with acrylic coated quartz, that is safe and clean for both environment & health.

With over a million square feet of synthetic play surfaces installed, there’s not a job we can’t handle to create a more appealing and safe play area for your facility.

A fresh look and approach at making your play area exciting and appealing for children, while retaining all the safety benefits of traditional safety surfaces on the market, is what AmeriTurf synthetic turf is all about.

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