K9 Grass

Synthetic Turf for K9 and High Traffic Artificial Grass areas.

One of the fastest growing segments in public parks is K9 and dog-parks. Condensed one to two acre parcels gated with heavy traffic of both humans and dogs alike. A real chore in most of these parks is animal waste and keeping the grass green. 
In most cities, k9 parks are the busiest per capita in their perspective park system.
Creating a semi maintenance free park is almost impossible with such high traffic and popularity.
Ameriturf Systems K9 specific synthetic turf is designed with

  • Wear-ability
  • High traffic use
  • Anti-bacterial properties

So your dog is a digger and you are worried about holes?? Our infill and heavy triple backing system, plus concentrated fiber per sq ft, makes it nearly impossible for any large dog, or small, to penetrate the field turf system.

Using polyethylene synthetic grass fibers that do not need fibrillation allows for proven long use wear and less contamination susceptibility.

Another factor is sticking with an all non-absorbing rubber infill system, which allows animal waste and urine to wash freely through.
Because the rubber infill and the polyethylene grass fibers are non-porous, and physically do not hold moisture, our K9/dog-park synthetic grass have properties that limit odor and bacterial growth.
Be careful of synthetic turf products that contain nylon as they have a tendency to retain a 3% moisture point allowing minimally for odor build-up. 

Base and Pre-turf Install Recommendations for Dog Parks
A key component at keeping your dog-park synthetic grass clean and less susceptible to bacterial growth is a sound under-layment system that is proven and can evacuate animal waste and water effectively.

Ameriturf Systems recommends using a coarse rock base or drainage mat system that allows for quick remediation.
For additional protection, anti-bacterial spray systems can be applied as well, which can be found at your local pet store. 
For more details on construction please contact Ameriturf Systems directly or simply browse our basic specifications for viable drainage systems. 

Call today for a quote on the most maintenance free & durable playground safety surface on the market. 

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