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Fake Grass Home Emulating nature is certainly one of the most difficult tasks, yet you would be hard pressed to tell that the Ameriturf System residential synthetic turf lines are not created by mother-nature.

Creating a Greener Tomorrow… Today.

The most important resource on earth “is” water…
Save time, money and water with Ameriturf Systems artificial grass.

With 3-varities of artificial turf to choose from, youíll find a synthetic grass that fits your region and make your yard & landscape project come to life, not to mention save money and time.

Hybrid 45 Turf

Ameriturf Rye 45

Pure monofilament, single or two-tone color, good for high traffic and sports or playground applications, also great for yard landscape, requires infill.
8-year warranty against fade & normal wear

Hybrid 65 Turf

Ameriturf Bermuda 65

Tri-color monofilament with nylon thatch zone, great for landscape, does not require infill for minimal to no traffic, two-tone also available.
8-year warranty against fade & normal wear

Mara 48 Grass

Ameriturf Fescue 42

Proven parallel-fibrillated technology with great wear resistance, used in sport applications, more sheen than monofilament, single tone color, requires infill.
8-year warranty against fade & normal wear

With over a million sq ft of synthetic surfaces installed, Ameriturf Systems can transform your yard and outdoor living space into the yard of your dreams, minus the headache. A basic cost analysis of an Ameriturf System shows how fast you can recoup your synthetic turf investment.

*For larger projects such as sport applications, custom and other turf options available. Colors may vary.

Ameriturf Systems Pay-Off 2-years

Based on annual costs to maintain 1000' of natural grass and synthetic turf
Annual Cost
1000' of Natural Fescue
1000' of Ameriturf
Synthetic Grass
Annual Water Use
Lawn Service
Sprinkler System
Weed Abatement
Invassive Grass Removal
Installed Cost
Total Cost

Some questions about residential installations that are often asked:

Q. What kind of maintenance is involved?
A. For residential and small landscape installs, Ameriturf Systemís normally recommends using a leaf blower or rake once every few months to blow-off debris and bristle the grass blades. For turf field applications, please refer to field maintenance and warranty.

Q. How long will my artificial grass last?
A. We expect most systems to last well over the 8-year warranty and have experienced sports facilities with over 8-years of high use and abuse & still performing well.

Q. Will the artificial grass fade?
A. Ameriturf System’s uses the highest quality UV inhibitors within the synthetic turf blades and backing system to insure long life and superior color stay.

Well Water Running Dry

In many rural parts of Southern California, well water is the main source of H2O for many residents.  In Santa Clarita and outlying canyon areas water has had to be imported from reservoirs to keep up with demand.  Many residents have had to let their landscaping die as a result of major water shortages, and skyrocketing water costs.

Many residents are turning to synthetic turf as a move forward scenario and being realistic about water conservation. 
Much talk about native plants and rock-scapes as alternative water conservation designs have been ushered in, but for many residents rocks and plants that look withered are not part of their schema.

Rebecca Hollinger of Agua Dulce, CA. said, “Let’s be realistic, we’ve got kids and pets that are active and need a place to play.  I don’t think a rock-scape is going to accomplish that with much safety.  We chose synthetic-grass for many reasons…our dogs love it and so do our kids for sports and just good old tumbling. Maybe in 10-years when the kids are older we’ll tear out the synthetic grass for rock, but I doubt it.” For sheer esthetics, artificial grass has improved greatly and in most cases, close inspection is sometimes deceiving.

With environmental concerns at the forefront of all that we do, our efforts to sustain and protect the environment are crucial. 
Today places like Georgia are facing water shortages, and the Southwest and West Coast regions have been in a drought situation for several years with the Colorado River being drained of its vital water resource.  

Water Icon
Building is at an all time high, which has been great for the economy, but little has been done to “actively” conserve and consider alternative water resources.

Synthetic turf and native plantings are realistic alternatives that are no longer becoming alternatives. 
Many cities, such as Las Vegas, NV (, are offering incentives to change landscape designs and remove water-consuming vegetation and replace it with synthetic turf or alternative plants and scapes.

Some of the largest water districts in the U.S. are offering rebates and incentives that are similar

Ameriturf Systems is continuing to push forward with “green design” and conservation idealistic philosophies. We understand that water is the most important resource on the planet, and being water wise is everyone’s responsibility.

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