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Playground Turf


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Playground Turf is making waves in the playground community with an exciting new safety surface that is soft, yet durable while being extremely safe Playground turf is the realization of synthetic turf from sports fields technologies adapted to suit the playground industry.

Ameriturf is leading the charge with cutting edge synthetic grass technology developed specifically for playground safety surfacing.  Most surfacing companies offering grass for playgrounds are utilizing older technology & inferior fiber systems that have been proven to fail even on field applications.

To handle the redundant wear and traffic that occurs on a playground surface, you need a better than average safety surfacing and better than average synthetic grass fibers system.

Ameriturf”s exclusive fiber system is literally 3x’s the strength of competing products in the market place and can withstand the abuse & wear of even busiest playground.

Our products and playground turf is tested under the harshest of conditions for extreme performance and wear ability, while retaining the soft and inviting characteristics of traditional synthetic grass for playgrounds.

As turf technology changes, and newer more durable fiber systems become available, the reality of playground turf is secured as a true contender & safety surface, with appeal other safety surface systems don’t have.

The exciting part of synthetic turf for playgrounds is the ability for children of all ages to enjoy an area that is inviting & soft.   Other safety surfaces, such as hard formed rubber tiles, or rubber mulch that gets displaced & thrown, have draw backs and provide less of an inviting play-surface.

The unique ability to transform your playground sarfacing into an area that increases activity and decreases injury is a winning combination. Getting our children moving and keeping them healthy is a crucial component to playground design & intent.  Ameriturf strives at keeping our playground turf products safe for both children and our environment.

Ameriturf has the most comprehensive environmental testing available on the market for public health and safety for all of its playground turf & grass product components. 


Create a clean & inviting playground environment with Ameriturf’s Playgreen™ synthetic playground turf safety surface.  Serving all of North America including Northern California playground turf, Southern California playground turf, Arizona playground turf, Utah playground synthetic turf, Colorado playground artificial turf, New Mexico playground turf, Texas playground turf, Oklahoma playground turf, Wyoming playground turf, Montana playground turf, Washington playground turf, Oregon playground turf

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