Rosa Parks Elementary, Kinder Play-Area

Play-Green-Grass, Safety Surface

Playground - Rosa Parks

With rubber costs & petroleum based products skyrocketing and a playground industry searching for a solution to the usual suspects for safety surfacing, Ameriturf Systems continues to push the safety and design envelope of playground safety surfacing.

Rosa Parks Elementary installs state of the art synthetic playground grass safety surface with impact and rebound system built in.
For years local school districts have relied on poured-in-place and crumb rubber products as the end-all for safety surfacing. Other products that displace easy such as wood-chips and sand are major maintenance issues and cannot truly be relied on.

Using proven technology from artificial grass sport fields and increasing the playground surface requirements, has allowed the use of a green, soft and inviting play surface.

Suitable for use on tot-lots, play-areas, and 5 to 12 year appropriate playgrounds.

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