No More Fertilizer and Pesticides

If you are concerned about the impact fertilizers and pesticides can have on soil and groundwater, AmeriTurf Synthetic Grass Systems provide the ideal solution. More »

Kids Love It!

You know that feeling of the grass between your toes? AmeriTurf Synthetic Grass Systems deliver that, too! The whole family will love going barefoot in your yard. More »

How Much Water Can You Save?

Converting 1,000 square feet of water-wasting grass to AmeriTurf artificial turf can save an average of 50,000 gallons of water per year. More »

Designed for Heavy Traffic!

Whether it is a well-traveled piece of your property or even a location favored by the family pets, AmeriTurf Synthetic Grass Systems are low-maintenance and designed to accommodate heavy traffic. More »


Football Field Ready to Go with AmeriTurf

AmeriTurf Installs New Sprinturf Surface at El Cariso Park


El Cariso Park’s new synthetic turf field is ideal for football, soccer, lacrosse and more. (Click to view larger image.)

Check out the new football field at El Cariso Park in Sylmar, California! This beautiful Sprinturf playing surface is not only easy on the eyes, it’s also a great surface for all field sports. Thanks to a state-of-the-art underlay and the highest-quality synthetic fibers, El Cariso’s new field performs the way athletes want it to perform.

Whether you’re a receiver running a precision route or a soccer player who wants to be confident the ball will roll true on every pass and shot, AmeriTurf’s sports fields provide the high-quality performance you expect. Surfaces like the one we installed at El Cariso Park provide a professional-level playing surface for football, soccer, lacrosse and more.

As we like to say, this is not your father’s Astroturf! Utilizing the best that modern technology has to offer, AmeriTurf Systems can deliver a playing surface that meets and exceeds the most demanding expectations.

Whether you’re contemplating a backyard soccer shoot-around surface or a major stadium installation, AmeriTurf can bring you an athletic playing surface that brings out the best in your athletes. Call us today at 877-541-8807 or contact us online for more information!



Synthetic Turf Before-After: Drought? What Drought?

AmeriTurf’s Synthetic Grass Brightens SoCal Yards

Before the installation of AmeriTurf Systems' synthetic turf.

Before the installation of AmeriTurf Systems’ synthetic turf.

And here's the "after"! Looking good and saving water!

And here’s the “after”! Looking good and saving water!

Here’s a before-after look at a Southern California home where we recently completed an installation of AmeriTurf synthetic turf in the back yard. As the state of California is announcing $500 fines for people who overwater their lawns, many residents may be thinking the drought means the end of their lush, green back yards.

But it doesn’t have to! You can do your part to help California get through this epic drought, reduce your water bill and STILL have a beautiful, lush, green lawn. And, you never have to sweat bullets pushing a lawnmower in the August and September heat!

AmeriTurf’s modern synthetic grass is permeable, so it meets the requirements of most government-sponsored turf replacement programs. It’s not your father’s Astroturf, either: Modern synthetic turf looks and feels just like live grass. It’s pet-friendly and kid-friendly, too.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how AmeriTurf Systems can help enhance the beauty of your landscape and keep you in compliance with new state restrictions on water use, please contact us online or call us at (877) 541-8807.

Artificial Grass for Schools: Kid-Friendly Choice

Our Synthetic Turf Is a Hit on the Playground

Artificial grass is a great option for schools looking to save water and reduce costs while enhancing children’s safety and enjoyment of their time outside the classroom. AmeriTurf Systems is experienced at providing turf for elementary school play fields and play areas. Our turf provides a terrific combination of safety, beauty and cost efficiency.

Artificial grass on the playground at Leona Cox Elementary.

Artificial grass on the playground at Leona Cox Elementary.

Here’s a look at a recent installation of AmeriTurf grass at Leona Cox Elementary School in Southern California. AmeriTurf installed our state-of-the-art turf in the play area. It provides a soft surface around and beneath the swings, slides and climbing apparatus.

AmeriTurf Systems’ state-of-the-art turf meets government safety requirements for playgrounds. Unlike other play area surfaces, it adds a natural look and feel to the play area.

Our turf also stands up to the repetitive use and heavy traffic of a playground. It can handle whatever punishment the kids can dish out!

For more details on AmeriTurf Systems’ playground applications, click here.

Questions? Give us a call at 877-541-8807 or click here to contact us online.

Synthetic Grass Creates Value for Repeat Customers

Customer Chooses Pet-Friendly Turf in Second Home

It always puts a bounce in our step when a customer loves their AmeriTurf synthetic grass so much, they come back for more. That’s what happened with Jackie Langlois of Valencia, Calif.

This repeat customer ordered synthetic turf for the back yard of her new home.

This repeat customer ordered synthetic turf for the back yard of her new home.

We had previously installed synthetic turf at Jackie’s home, and with two dogs, it made cleanup a breeze. When Jackie — and the dogs — moved into a new home, she contacted us to do another installation of AmeriTurf synthetic grass.

AmeriTurf synthetic turf is extremely pet-friendly. It’s porous, so liquid doesn’t get trapped on the surface. And, the turf is installed with a special under-layer that prevents odors and bacteria from building up.

Our turf is also up to the challenge of high traffic, whether from pets or people!

Here’s a shot of Jackie’s beautiful new back yard with AmeriTurf grass, which will reduce her water bill and help her comply with the new drought-related water use restrictions that are being applied throughout California. Bring on the pooches!

If you’d like more information on how AmeriTurf synthetic grass can beautify your landscape, cut your water bill AND keep your dogs happy, give us a call at 877-541-8807. Or, click here to contact us online!